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The sequel Study Abroad Unauthorized picks right up where College Unauthorized left off. But this time, pack your bags and grab your passport, as this book takes you on a study abroad trip to Spain. And believe me, this book takes the study out of study abroad!

Study Abroad Unauthorized guides you all the way from the #1 party school of America, to the country of Spain and the minuscule Spanish island of Ibiza--the proclaimed party capital of the world! City by city, stumble through discos that don't open before midnight in Granada, to bars that close well after dawn in Madrid. Hear the flamenco rhythms in Seville. Run with thousand-pound bulls in Pamplona. And experience the free love, drugs, and Babylonian decadence on the topless beaches of Ibiza.

Study Abroad Unauthorized also offers scholarship, grant, and tips about work-study programs where a person can basically get paid to travel. This book will show you, that after all the college courses and all the earned degrees, many times the world's greatest educator...is life.
This isn't Harvard. This isn't Yale.
This is Arizona State University -- the nations biggest party school.
WARNING: College Unauthorized takes you inside America's #1 party school, where students learn way more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. At ASU, Sun Devils learn how to sell fake ID's out of their dorm rooms, how to make high stakes wagers with bookies, how to produce counterfeit money, and of course, how to have a good time.
Let's face it, half the reason for going to college is to hook up with the opposite sex. WARNING: offers proven hook-up techniques like "The In-Class Hookup" on campus or "The Spring Break Hookup" in Mexico, where you don't have to be Mr. Right--just Mr. Right Now.
Told by a college student, WARNING: takes you behind the scenes, class to class, year to year, at a state university. And believe me, this is the one book about college that your parents don't want you to read. Within these pages, there is only one thing that can be said about college...WARNING.
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here are a few reader comments:
hey brian. I can totally relate to your trip to Spain!Your book is great!! -Kevin B. Phoenix, AZ

"Hey Bri, I just wanted to congratulate you on your book. I thought it was very good. I'm not a book worm, but your book definitely kept me interested. To be honest, I thought your writing got better as the book went along. I especially liked the part about playing soccer with the local kids, the chapter on Spanish lessons and the chapter on Ibiza. Hell, reading the chapter on Ibiza made me want to jump on a plane and fly there!
I think one of the qualities of a good book is when the writer makes you feel like you are there with him/her or the reader can picture or imagine what the writer is writing about. And that is what I felt with your book.

You definitely got all you could out of your trip and experienced all one could do in Spain.

So again, congrats! I'm sure you have many more books to come. I can't wait for the next one!


April 6, 2008

Thanks Shon! Spain definitely was an awesome trip. And Ibiza was living the dream! But anyone can experience the joys of international travel and Study Abroad Unauthorized can help show you how! Thanks again for reading!


Brian Ary resides in Los Angeles, California, working in the Television and Film industry. He has written for newspapers and magazines. He remains an advocate for international travel saying that "you learn more about your own country once you set foot in another."